Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apple Opens Fifth Retail Store on Chinese Mainland

Apple Expanding in China
Investors with specialized interest in Asia, and especially China, such as the New York Global Group with Benjamin Wey, are focusing their attention on Friday’s opening of Apple’s fifth retail store on mainland China, and its largest in all of Asia.

The new outlet for Apple Inc., one of the world’s largest suppliers of personal computers and other high-tech devices, is their third in the city of Shanghai. The store’s 300 employees were on hand at the opening to cheerfully greet the onslaught of new customers.  Clad in custom-designed t-shirts just for the occasion, the workers welcomed customers who had stood on line for hours and in some cases even overnight, just to get inside.

“I started to queue for the opening around 10 PM on Thursday and I want to see what’s new in the shop at the earliest time,” said Cui Lizhen, the first customer to enter the brand new shop.

Apple opened their first store in Beijing in 2008 and its first in Shanghai last June. Apple has said that it plans on eventually having 25 retail stores throughout China, on the mainland as well as in Hong Kong, hopefully by February of 2013.